BMS Reset Procedure

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For a number of errors, the official manual recommends resetting the BMS.

BMS indicator lights and reset windows on a 2016 DSR
  1. Key the bike off and unplug it from charging.
    Wait for the contactor to click open.
  2. 2015+: Uncover the upper rubber pad on the front of the battery case.
    The upper window reveals a string of small LEDs: one red on the left followed by four green.
    They'll indicate charge level when the bike is keyed off.
  3. Uncover the lower rubber pad on the front of the battery case.
    The lower pad covers a white plastic port coated in dielectric grease.
    Above that port are two small micro-switch buttons which are the reset buttons.
  4. Press to reset
    2015+: The button on the left as you face performs a hardware reset. The right button performs a software reset.
    2013-2014: There is only one reset button above the plastic port which performs a hardware reset.
  5. 2015+: Take a pen (say) and depress the (right) software reset button for a few seconds and then release.
    Expect the BMS indicating LEDs to go dark while the button is depressed and then turn on again when release.
    The lights should stabilize after an initial startup sequence for a few seconds.
  6. Check whether the error code is clear by keying on the vehicle or whatever is appropriate.
  7. If the error is still present, try the hardware reset button (left on 2015+) in the same way.
  8. 2015: If the error is still present after a hardware reset, try both at the same time.
  9. Replace both pads.