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Zero arranges Farasis cells in 28-cell series in modular form, referred to as "bricks" because they're bathed in an epoxy after assembly. The brick configuration is "28s1p".

Both the Power Tank and Power Pack Module products encapsulate a single brick.

For the S platform 2014+ years, installing the Power Tank changes a "4p" to a "5p" (and presumably "3p" to "4p" but this seems unlikely).

Components and Weight
28 cell ⨉ 485 g/cell = 29.9 lb
For 2015, each brick weighs 32 lb, implying 2.1 lbs for epoxy/etc.
8? x 7.5 x 9.75in (HxWxL)
DoctorBass' repackaging of a 25Ah brick into two, length-wise reveals some structure.