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The 2017 model year shifted Zero's battery assembly to a "half monolith" or "long brick" configuration containing the same number of cells as for 2 bricks.

A single BMS manages the cells in both stacks.
Model Changes
  • The 2017 S and DS models offer a 2p arrangement using a single long brick arranged along the forward half of the monolith frame area.
    This configuration leaves the rear half of that area empty for a storage bin accessed from the side of the frame.
    The prior 3p configuration is no longer for sale, but can be created by adding a Power Tank.
    The long brick for this model does not have the same gapped casing that a Monolith has
    So, it is less insulated from cold but dissipates heat better.
  • The 2017 XMX Platform models are delivered by default with a non-removable long brick (aside from the MMX Model).
    They are available optionally with single removable bricks like prior model years for an additional cost of about $500.
The long brick arrangement figures suggest that each brick aligns its cells with the other brick.
  • Layout appears to be more efficient as a result.
  • Interconnects between the bricks seem to be trivial and nearly-zero-resistance, improving cell life.
  • There is unsupported speculation that 56s1p arrangement is a possible future evolutionary step as a result.
15" tall × 9 3/4" wide × 6 1/2" deep.
There will be some plastics on it with the contactor and bms inside that add about 2" to the height and 1" to the depth for about half of the height of the battery.
Facebook comment for measurements
Long brick Monoliths
For 2017 packs, made with "long bricks", the interconnects are extremely simple, only connecting two stacks which are aligned directly against each other.
2017 monoliths consist of two "long bricks" with simpler interconnects.