SDS Platform/Board Mounting Plate Removal

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This removes the Board Mounting Plate.


  • 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm Allen keys.
  • Low clearance (under 20mm) 3mm Allen key.
  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Remove the underseat Y-shaped frame piece.
  3. Detach the MBB by removing the two bolts holding it to the plate with a low-clearance 3mm Allen key.
    • The right side bolt will be extremely difficult to manipulate given the cables routed very close to it; consider displacing them.
  4. Push the MBB aside to the left without unplugging its connectors.
  5. Remove the two bolts attaching the upper left and right corners, facing 45 degrees up/forward, with a 2.5mm(?) Allen key.
  6. Remove the two bolts attaching the lower left and right corners.
    • Reach them from below the frame arms on each side of the bike, just forward of the stanchions.
    • Use a 2.5mm(?) Allen key (preferably a ratcheting socket).
    Lower edge cables
    Lower right bolt
    Lower right clip
    Lower right clip
  7. Snip the cable run zip tie on the lower left corner of the plate.
  8. Snip the cable run zip tie on the lower edge of the plate from the right side.
    • A long, narrow-bladed screwdriver can be suitable.
  9. Detach the Accessory Charging Port from the lower flange of the plate using a 2.5mm(?) Allen key on the two narrow bolts through the plug's body holes.
  10. Along the lower rear-facing edge bracket flange, push the cross-frame cable run off of the bracket.
    Board Plate Mounting Bracket (Left)
    Board Plate Mounting Bracket (Right)
  11. Pull the top edge of the plate to the rear of the bike so that the top mounting flange's corners clear the mating flanges on the frame.
  12. Gently pull the plate by the DC-DC converter up and aft, minding any cabling that can get snagged on the plate to avoid straining any wires.
    • It seems easiest to pull the left side of the plate up first, to avoid clearance issues around the hydraulic lines running along the right side towards the rear brake system.
  • (Still working on this; essentially reversing the removal but considering the various fitment dependencies ahead of time to avoid trouble).