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The most convenient charging option is the OEM-supported Charge Tank for 2015 models onward.

It's more convenient than an Elcon 2500, but for subtle reasons seems to be slightly less compatible with a range of charging stations (see the User Guide).

Model Compatibility
  • 2015+ S-platform bikes only (S/DS/SR/DSR)
  • Incompatible with the OEM Power Tank accessory since it occupies the same bulky tank location.
Station Compatiblity
  • Only available with a J1772 inlet.
  • Mennekes single-phase adapter offered for Europe, Australia, NZ.
Initial 2.5kW Revision
2.5kW (discontinued)
Released 2016, discontinued late 2017 in favor of the current version.
Provides its own charging power (2.5kW) while also engaging the onboard charger in parallel, for a total of 3.8kW
The accessory charging port circuit is not impacted by this charging circuit.
6.5kW Revision
6.5kW, released October 2017.
  • Initially only available as a factory installed option for 2018+ models
  • Now available as a dealer-installed accessory for 2015+ models.
Provides 6.5kW but does not engage the onboard charger unless connected to 110V power.
If the onboard charger is separately engaged (on 110V or 220V circuits), a potential total of 7.8kW is available.
  • Unless the bike is a single-long-brick bike (7.2kWh) in which case it would exceed the ~7kW limit set by the 1C rate limit on the contactor.
It only fits in the Power Tank area (so they can't both be installed) and requires a dealer-only installation (very involved).
The bike must be keyed on before initiating a charge cycle with the Charge Tank.
Once charging, the bike can be keyed off; the Charge Tank and onboard charger will keep the bike in charge mode.
Zero Charge Tank User Guide
install video by a dealer showing what it looks like under the tank
Charge Tank Bracket Installation