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Color availability of Zero models, by year:
Platform FST S/DS X/MX
Model Zero SR/F Zero S Zero SR Zero DS Zero DSR Zero FX Zero FXS Zero XU
2012 Red, Black Black, White White
2013 Yellow, Black Orange, Green Black Red
2014 Red Orange, White (Discontinued)
2016 Yellow Orange Black Black
- 2016 and prior years had color molded-in to the plastics. For 2017-on the plastics are painted -
2017 Yellow Red Orange Graphite Black Black
2018 Silver White Green Black White
2019 Black Black Sandstone Caldera Dune Rhino Gray
2020 Boardwalk Red,
Seabright Blue

Off-the-record paint-matching guidance
A source at Zero confirmed on inquiry that 2017 plastic paint codes were releasable, so we're publishing with that trust.
These are not confirmed, may be considered descriptive of the build/finish process.
2017+ Color matching guidance
Nominal Color US Paint Code Product
Black AJ2034 L-927 High Gloss Black OOX
Red AJ7184 3PO Super Red V
White AJ8093 077 White PM. ME. Basecoat
Orange AJ9156 Zero Orange
Yellow AJ9075 Hot Rod Yellow Basecoat Y-130P
AJ9157 Zero Pearl Yellow Pearl Coat
Graphite AJ1261 1G3-W Gray Metallic

For the yellow Pearl the AJ9075 is the base and goes on first then the Zero Pearl Yellow Pearl - AJ9157 - goes on second and the clear is the final coat.