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Zero's final drive is a custom-designed Gates HTD (high torque drive) Poly Chain Carbon toothed carbon fiber belt.

  • It's never been available outside of Zero's parts system.
  • It's been the same part for 2012-2016 models.
    2017 models shifted to a wider belt that can accommodate more torque/loading.
Years Width Pitch Models Sprockets Number of Teeth Length OEM Part No. Photo
2010-2011 14mm 8mm S/DS 98T / 28T 200
2012-2016 S/SR 132T / 28T 220
30-03673 (old logo)
30-08084 (new logo)
reference photo of belt
DS/DSR 130T / 28T
2017- 17mm 14mm S 13.0 130T / 28T
90T / 20T 158
reference photo of wide belt
2020- 20 11 SRF 90T / 20T 151
Gates GT Carbon, 14mm wide, 8mm pitch, 220 teeth. It's only available from Zero.
P/N's are 30-03673 ("Belt Drive, 220T, 8mm Pitch, 14mm Wide") and also 30-08084 (same belt w/new Zero logo).
One rough match for reference: Gates 8MGT-1760-12 Belt
Another Gates product page that highly indicates a product/technology match: Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ synchronous belts per Gates drive belts (EMF Thread)