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The E-Touring Metamap TinyURL link is an online community resource where we can collect stations in our areas.

  • This is intended to be the first-choice stations, generally no more than 2-3 per town or neighborhood.
  • It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of charging options, there are sites and apps like PlugShare for that.
  • Each entry should have with links to PlugShare, tesla.com, energy.gov, i.e. authoritative and verifiable sources of information.
  • Each entry should not duplicate the data in the authoritative site, but rather link to it, and provide additional information as applicable to electric motorcyclists.
  • E-Touring Metamap is implemented on Google's MyMaps service.
  • Anyone can view it, but you'll need a Google Login to contribute.
  • To be added to the Editors list, please provide to Togo, via private message, the E-mail address you use to for Google Maps, and you should get an edit invite.