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Here are some scrounged notes on how to deal with other EVs by model.

For mobile/travel reference, consult this summary: Other EVs Charging Indicators

Generally, you want a field guide for whether the vehicle is actively charging or done charging, so that you don't interrupt a charge, but can also get a charge without inconveniencing a stranger.

Some stations share capacity, so knowing the default charging rate of the other vehicle at a station helps determine whether pairing will work.

Charging Indicators
Manufacturer Model L2 Charging Rate (kW) Location Appearance In Progress Not Charging Notes
BMW ActiveE 6.6 (governed to 5.5) Bottom of center rear-view mirror Blue light Blinking Off
i3 3.3-7.7 Inside the charge port flap Colored lights Blue flashing
Green on
charging complete
White on
charging cable can be disconnected
Lamp white
charging cable can be connected or removed.
Lamp flashes yellow
charging process is being initialized.
Lamp blue
charging process is started at a set time.
Lamp flashes blue
charging process active.
Lamp flashes red
fault in the charging process.
Lamp green
charging process completed.
When the vehicle is locked
the indicator lamp goes out after some time.
When the vehicle is unlocked
the blue indicator lamp flashes continuously.
Chevy Spark 3.3 Dashboard Green light Solid Blinking
Volt Gen1 3.0 Dashboard Green light
slowing to completion
Long flashing light
delayed charging
This should never be used in a public charging spot when others may be waiting.
Volt Gen2 and 3 3.3 Dashboard Green light Solid Blinking
Number of blinks (1-5) show which 20% of charge range
Long flashing light
delayed charging
This should never be used in a public charging spot when others may be waiting.
Bolt 6.6 Dashboard Green light Flashing Green Solid Green
Long Flashing Green
delayed charging
This should never be used in a public charging spot when others may be waiting.
Solid Yellow
either starting charge or fault detected.
Fisker Karma 3.4 Instrument cluster On Off
The charge level indicator is on the instrument cluster.
It will reach maximum and the charge indicator will turn off.
Ford C-Max Energi 3.3 Around charge port Blue ring Lights up in four blue quartered segments Off
Focus Electric 6.6
TH!NK Dashboard Two green lights Both on and linked Only one on
Fiat 500e 6.6 Dashboard Row of LEDs Single LED flashing Off
2 outer LEDs flashing
2 outer LEDs flashing rapidly
Solid LEDs
charge level (5 total)
Honda Fit EV 6.6 Next to the charge port Green LED On Off
the charging rate has been reduced because of a problem.
Mercedes E-Class 10 None Must check station
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 3.3 Dashboard Red electric plug symbol On Off
Nissan Leaf 3.3-6.6 Dashboard Three blue lights Any flashing All on or all off
One flashing light
One solid, one flashing
33% to 66%
Two solid, one flashing
66% to 100%
Three solid, or all off
Smart Fortwo ED 3.3 None The only indication is on the Tesla UMC
Tesla Roadster Inside of charge port Lighting around Flashes amber Solid green
Model S 10 (20 with dual charger) Around the charge port Multicolored light Pulses green Solid green If the vehicle is locked during charging, the charge port light does not illuminate but the vehicle continues to charge. ref
Model X
Model 3
Toyota Plug-in Prius 3.3 Next to the charge port Amber electric plug icon Off
RAV4 EV 10 At the bottom of the back side window above the charge port on the driver's side of the car Two amber lights Both solid or off
Victory Empulse 3.6 Instrument cluster LCD display Time, kW, amps Off or shows full
Zero S,SR,DS,DSR 1.3 (3.8 or more with a tank J plug) Bottom of instrument cluster Green light Blinking Solid or off
Usually only level 1 charging.
LCD display shows time remaining to full.
Sometimes found with an accessory charger of varying power level.
There may be cables leading into the underside of the bike or a tank plug.
FX,FXS 0.7
SR/F 3 (6 or 9 or 12 with additional modules)

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