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This covers ergonomic characteristics of Zero models and what adjustments various people have made.

A good reference which has some Zero modeling is Cycle Ergo.
How and Why We Measure Motorcycle Ergonomics

Standover Height

Standover height is the height of the seat when the bike is unloaded (but balanced upright).

Heights by model per Zero
Years Models in mm
2012 S 33.1 841
DS 35.3 897
2013 S 31.8 807
DS 34.4 873
2014 S/SR 31.8 807
DS 33.2 843
2015+ S/SR 31.8 807
DS/DSR 33.2 843

Reducing Seat Height

Not enough third-party fitments are known for shocks or lowering links.
Known Solutions
The Corbin Gunfighter seat for Zero is customizable and does provide easier leg reach to the ground in front, less than an inch by default.
Carving out seat foam can be done with the stock seat to some extent (1 inch again?).
(From a 2013 FX report) The front fork can be slid up in the clamp by one inch. For the rear, have a local shock repair / re-build for racing shop put a 3/4" spacer inside the shock, to stop its extension length by 3/4". Since it is about 2:1 lever ratio from the shock mount to the rear axle this would lower the rear of the bike by about 1 1/2".
Hollywood Electrics shows signs that they might offer a suspension upgrade kit for older (2013-2014) models. They're certainly able to answer customization questions.

Raising Seat Height

This is less commonly discussed.

Seat to Footpeg

2013+ Zero S Platform models all have the same (or nearly so) seat to footpeg distances.

Seat to Bars

Handlebar Rise

S model bars typically have higher rise but are shorter and angled back.

DS bars are wider, somewhat lower rise, and straighter. 2013-2014 shape differs from 2015+ shape.

Seat Angle

The Zero stock seat is relatively flat/neutral, perhaps a few degrees angled forward.