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This covers using a front stand on a Zero.

Generally, using a center Lift will be more straightforward.

When To Use
A front stand is the easiest way to:
Spool Stands
  • The Zero does not offer axle attachment points for spools for a front stand.
Steering Head Pin Stands
  • 2014+ models(?) have a steering pin diameter of 5/8".
  • 2012-2013 Zero models have an 8mm diameter (from a 2013 Zero S report and some checking around), with no vendor match.
  • The DS/DSR/FX models' high front fender must be removed (or drilled through) to use a pin for the front steering head.
Confirmed fits
Pit Bull Zero Fitments
Years Platform Front Pin Rear Pin Rear Supports Restraint
2013 S & X None! (8mm ⌀) Pin Fitting Only - Zero Motorcycles (Axle: 23-04736)
Top Supports (Pair), Standard Rear Stand
Top Supports (Pair), SS Rear Stand
Trailer Restraint System - Zero Motorcycles (Axle: 23-04736)
2014 Pin #7, Front
2015+ Pin Fitting Only - Zero Motorcycles (Axle: 23-08032) Trailer Restraint System - Zero Motorcycles (Axle: 23-08032)