Gen1/Agni Motor

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From 2009 to 2012, Zero used brushed DC Agni/Saietta 95-R motors.
These have known quality issues after time and Zero offers many owners a Z-Force motor upgrade or complete trade-in for remaining 2014 models.
Basic Facts
Shaft ⌀19mm
6mm keyway
~22 kW (30 HP)
Chain Specs
420 chain specs: .500" pitch / .3125" roller diameter / .250" roller width / .227" sprocket width.
#41 sprocket teeth will engage 420 chain links, but they're made for .306" dia. rollers and a #41 sprocket / 420 chain combo will wear quickly.
Some sprocket places sell '41/420' sprockets, but there's no such thing.
2012 to 2013 motor upgrade info
Jack Shaft sprocket source