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You can swap out the 19" front wheel on the DS to the 17" S wheel.
An FX/FXS swap seems similar though the brake discs and other systems will differ.
  • Increased front braking power.
  • Reduced front rotational weight.
    19" DS wheel with tire is 23 lbs
    17" S wheel and tire is 19 lbs.
    A total of 4 lbs reduced rotational weight.
  • Appearance, as it matches the rear 17" DS rear wheel to give a more Super-moto look.
  • Smoother tires and lighter front wheel means a small gain in range, perhaps 2~4%.
  • ABS system will still work as before!
Parts Needed
  • A model year matching 'S' front 17" wheel. The wheel did include the bearings, seals, and valve-stem installed. (My 2016 'S' front wheel was $300 + S&H)
  • Either a 110/70/17 tire, or a 120/70/17 tire.
    NOTE: I chose the 120mm width as you have many more choices in tires.
    Warning Warning: I do not believe anything wider then a 120mm front will fit between the front shocks as this leaves about 4mm per side.
  • A 130/80/17 rear tire to match the front.
    This is optional, but highly recommended.
    Also, if you decide to change the rear tire size be aware that the range and speed are calculated by the Motor RPM and this will be incorrect if the REAR tire size is modified.
Example Choices
Avon Tires.jpg
  • In my case I chose a 120/70/17, and 130/80/17 Avon Trailrider tire.
    They are a 90/10 Dual Sport tire that are designed for 90% ON-road use, Highly recommended! ($260 + S&H)
  • Rear Stand for rear wheel.
  • Lift for front wheel (or floor jack) to lift front of bike.
  • Associated tools for Front Wheel Removal and Rear Wheel Removal.
  • Small slide hammer with hook.
  • Thin high-quality screwdrivers for prying.
  • 6mm Allen key wrench.
  • 8mm Allen key wrench.
  • 17mm Allen key wrench.
  • Long ratchet (recommend 3/8" drive).
  • Blue Loctite thread locker.
  • Hammer and 26mm socket (or seal-press tool)
  • Torque Wrench (ideally 3/8" and 1/2" drives)
  1. Front Wheel Removal
    On the DS this is easy, just remove the front 6mm pinch bolts, and remove the 17mm hex axle. The wheel will slide right out no problem. Mind the ABS sensor.
    Lifting bike.jpg19 inch remove.jpg
  2. Once the wheel is removed, set it on a large soft surface (a moving blanket works).
  3. Break loose, and remove the 5⨉ 6mm Allen bolts holding on the brake rotor.
    Rotor Swap.jpg
  4. Remove the ABS reluctor ring
    When comparing the hub's of both the 19" and 17" wheels you will notice a small ring in front of the wheel bearing.
    ABS reluctor wheel.jpg
    This is the ABS reluctor ring so the ABS knows the speed of your wheel.
    Using gentle and steady force pry a small gap under the ring, then using a small slide hammer with a hook remove the ring by working it around the ring.
    Excessive force is NOT NEEDED.
    If you are uncomfortable doing this step a motorcycle shop can swap it easily.
    Slide Hammer.jpg
  5. At this point you can have the tires installed and balanced by a shop, or do it yourself.
  6. Swap the front brake rotor to the new 17" front wheel, install the bolts but DO NOT TIGHTEN.
  7. Gently tap the ABS ring into the new wheel.
    You can use a large 26mm socket or seal-press tool to hit it evenly.
  8. Remove the front brake caliper using an 8mm hex.
    8mm caliper bolts.jpg
  9. Install front wheel by threading the 17mm axle and 6mm pinch bolts.
    Use thread-locker on the pinch bolts.
  10. Loosen the brake rotor bolts about 1/4" and slide the brake caliper on the rotor.
  11. Apply thread-locker on the brake rotor threads and install bolts firmly with a long 3/8" ratchet and 6mm hex.
    NOTE: I could not find a torque value for these bolts, If someone can supply that please add it.
  12. Apply thread-locker on 8mm brake caliper bolts and torque to 19 ft-lbs.
  13. Now verify that the front wheel spins smoothly, has no side-to-side play, and the front brake properly stops the front wheel.
  14. Remove the rear wheel and have a rear tire installed and balanced.
  15. Gently test ride the bike.
    Be aware of any un-usual noises or feelings when riding.
    After about 20 miles of riding use your fingers to feel the front wheel hub and see if the bearing is overheating.
    They should have little to no heat; compare then to the rear for reference.

Enjoy the lighter and more nimble feeling of your DS!

  • After approximately 100 miles of on and off road riding I can say the off road abilities are still quite exceptional while the on-road riding improved greatly!
Inspirational pictures

Photo Sep 18, 3 52 05 PM.jpg Photo Sep 18, 4 18 00 PM.jpg Photo Sep 18, 4 09 12 PM (1).jpg