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Controller Connectors
Main terminals are, in order from front to rear: M1, B-, M2, B+, M3.
For Size 4 and Size 6, the bolts are all M8 with a torque setting of 11Nm±2Nm; bolts should engage a minimum of 10mm and thread depth is 15mm.
For Size 2 (2013XU), the bolts are all M6 with a torque settings of 7Nm±2Nm.
  • M-terminals supply the motor with its rotating field in three phases. Each gets a sine wave that is offset by 0, 120, 240 degrees.
  • B+ and B- connect to the battery power at positive and negative, respectively.
Motor-controller power connections
Connector info (see AMPSEAL Automotive Plug Connector and Header Assembly (PDF, English))
More connector info (look at bottom for pins)
2013 Gen4 Size 4 Controller signal connector
Diagnostic Cables
Sevcon programming cable harnessConnections to Sevcon for programming34-pin AMPSeal connector
Zero Sevcon programming cables are part #86-06747 connected as follows:
  • Pin 1 is "Key Switch In": power for the logic circuits.
  • Pin 2 is linked to pin 24 via 120Ω resistor to tell the Sevcon that it's at the CANBus termination.
  • Pin 13 is "CAN High".
  • Pin 27 is "CAN Low" in the Sevcon manual (pin 24 also is, unless used for termination signal).