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Pulling out the axle and removing the rear wheel is straightforward; the complexity is in re-assembly: see Rear Wheel Install.

Items to note for re-assembly
Note how the caliper sits against the swingarm.
Note the order and arrangement of the spacers.
Video Guide
Zero Motorcycles: Rear Wheel Removal 2016 DSR by E Shattow
  • 27mm socket
  • Breaker bar
  1. Place the motorcycle on a lift or rear stand so the wheel spins freely.
  2. Mark/photograph where the alignment marks reside on each side of the axle for re-alignment when re-installing the wheel.
    Rear Axle Nut Rear Axle Spacer
  3. Loosen the rear axle nut on the right side (27mm) with the breaker bar.
  4. Remove the rear axle nut.
  5. Pull the axle part-way out so that the wheel can be moved forward enough to loosen the belt.
  6. Pull the belt off of the rear sprocket and let it hang outside of the swingarm slightly to avoid interfering with the wheel.
  7. Pull the axle through the wheel from the left side.
    Pay attention to the brake caliper: it's attached via the axle, and when the axle is removed the caliper, etc, will come loose.
  8. Set aside the spacers with alignment marks, noting which goes on which side.
  9. Set aside the axle and axle nut.
  10. Pull the wheel out behind the swingarm.
    The license plate tail holder will likely require rolling the wheel out at an angle to clear it.