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This guides the installation of the Happy Trails SU side rack on an S or DS model.

Fitted for a 2015 DS originally.
Happy Trails entry on our Aftermarket page
Happy Trails' own install instructions, good on their own
Happy Trails' Zero SU product page
  • It is sturdy as a tank, off the bike and on; it becomes practically a part of the bike.
  • The tabs didn't seem to be welded all at the same angles and some of the "flat" plates were curved.
  • The spacer going through the stock rack does not go through at a perpendicular angle to the frame.
    I had to remove the rack, then install the spacer / screw separately of the frame to get the spacer to squish into place.
    Even then, I doubt it bottomed out.
  • The slots cut in the rack for back bar are barely enough; at first I thought it would never go on.
  • The givi rack adapter instructions step 2 doesn't mention the bolts being used come from the givi pack; this caused confusion at first.
  • One of the plates my givi case had a hard time installing; the other was just tight but "snapped" into place.
Fasteners and brackets
  • Socket extension for passenger peg bolts
  • (How many parts) Describe each part.
  • See Happy Trails' instructions PDF above
  1. Remove the side plastics for access to the passenger peg mount bolts.
  2. Remove the rear fender via loosening the mount bolts.
  3. Attach the fender under-fender tab with the spacers.
    Underfender tab fastening
  4. Install the left passenger peg tab.
    Reaching the passenger peg mounting bolts
  5. Install the right passenger peg tab.
  6. Attach the rack via the seat mount bolt.
    Installing the upper seat-mount bolts with spacer
    Installing the upper seat-mount bolts with spacer
  7. Attach the rear bar to the ends of the brackets.
    Aligning the rear bar with side plates