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Hollywood Electrics has created a custom sport-touring fairing adapted from their racing bikes.

Full cockpit.
  • Sets the headlamp forward by 4".
  • Sets the dash / instrument cluster forward by 4".
Bracketing organizes 12V wiring behind the headlamp.
Fairing protects the dash / instrument cluster from weathering.
Installs setback risers to help the handlebars clear the fairing.
Allows using flush or non-stock turn signals on the fairing chin.
Allows using fairing-mounted mirrors on the upper edge of the fairing around the windscreen.
  • Airflow is managed very well, only a soft updraft occurs from the underside.
  • No turbulance induced on the upper edge with any tested windscreen.
  • At least 10% range improvement over stock; possibly 15% depending on rider and tuning.
  • Creates a larger space for tucking while riding, minimizing the effects of a rough headwind.
Price is $1295, or $1495 with a paint scheme matching the 2018 SR model.
Red/white/blue Hollywood Electrics racing bike with an early fairing model
3 red/white/blue Hollywood Electrics racing bikes with early fairing models
Terry Hershner's faired Zero (with Husky)
Metallic Ocean Blue Zero SR with the fairing
Zero DSR with the fairing in glossy grey
3 Zeros (DSR and SR) in a combined short
Fitting a Hollywood Electrics Fairing by Justin Andrews shows an installation!

See the Zero customizers page for some faired Zero offerings by Hollywood Electrics and others.