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The Kickstand has a safety cutout switch (really a sensor) to prevent motor operation while at rest.

Warning Warning:
Kickstand Sensor Electrical Equipment Hazard
The connector is three pronged and needs to be connected correctly or can damage the MBB irreparably.
Do not disconnect or reconnect while the vehicle is keyed on or contactor is shut to be safe.
Do not short any wires together to bypass.
This is a Hall effect sensor usually containing or using sensitive measurement IC's and therefore not a simple switch.

From observation, the Asahi Denso CE122 proximity sensor appears to be the part match, also used on some Triumph and KTM motorcycle models.
From the 2016 SR's sensor to its connector, the wires are Blue, Pinkish Red, and Black.
While the bike is keyed on and contactor is closed, Blue measures a stable 5V, Red measures ~2.7V and varies (need to scope this), and black appears to be a signal ground/input (needs verification when I'm not tired).
Some KTM riders with the Asahi Denso CE122 sensor have reported success using commercial bypass kits.
One such user suggested these are merely a potted 2.2kOhm resistor between the Red and Black wires (link here).
Zero motorcycles can be far more sensitive to faults on signalling pins so this should not be attempted unless you absolutely know what you are doing, and are willing to risk having to replace your MBB.
talonreaper has had luck on a 2016 SR with a 2.7kOhm resistor between the red and black kickstand sensor's wires to get home from being stranded in an emergency.
This is still not advised.
North or South pole magnetism activation? TODO
The connector appears to be a Sumimoto MT sealed series connector MT-3S-2, p/n 6180-3241.
Ref. Corsa Technic reference page for 6180-3241
This connector appears to be a very standard application for Japanese motorcycle interlock sensors for sidestands/kickstands.
Raise the kickstand for testing only with the rear wheel lifted off the ground via a stand or lift.
The status command in the MBB console can report its reading.
If there is a compelling justification worth risking warranty damage, the sensor interlock preventing operating the powertrain may be bypassed.
The bypass should be performed via MBB settings configuration.
MBB pins (per 2013 trace)
Pin # Wire Color Wire Gauge
10 Yellow/Black 20AWG
11 Orange/Black 20AWG
27 Red 20AWG
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