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These mirrors have adjustable pivots at the mirror ball with a set screw.
The stalks are adjustable but have a relatively low possibility of raising their heights.
Their angular shape does limit visibility somewhat; some flip the mirrors over to get a little more angular visibility.
These mirrors have a fixed stalk that rises higher but is less adjustable.
The mirror shape is more curved and generous, but with limited positioning can be a problem for some.
The mirror mounting for 2011+ models is in the Yamaha family (left and right threaded opposite) so third-party options are not hard to find.
  • Bar-end mirrors can be fitted easily, as one alternative.
    For early Gen2 models, this requires cutting holes in the grips at the bar ends.
    A sharp knife or single-edged razorblade works well for this.
Blind spot add-on mirrors
Dan Ponce > ‎Zero Motorcycles Owners Group
GreyJoy 2" x 2" Corner Wedge Blind Spot Mirror 15 Degree Angle Adjustable
Photo from Dan Ponce showing blind spot mirrors

I'm very happy with this 2nd set of blind spot mirrors. (The first set were chrome and I didn't like where I put them.) When I'm traveling straight and upright, the main mirrors are set so I can see just behind to the sides, slightly beyond my peripheral vision. The spot mirrors are tilted to see directly behind, without my elbows being in the way.