Rear Brake Pad Replacement

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Per Rear Pad Replacement for J Juan rear brakes (2014+)

  • T25 Torx bit screwdriver
    Torx T-25
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Small pliers
  • 200 grit sand paper (optional)
J Juan Rear Brake Calipers
  1. Remove safety spring-clip from the rear of the bolt (on the side of the wheel).
    Just push it out with a flathead screwdriver.
    J Juan pin with its safety clip.jpeg
    Rear Brake E-Clip
  2. Remove the bolt that goes through the "eye" of the brake pads (using #25 torx driver).
    Rear Brake Bolt
    Rear Brake Bolt with tool
  3. Pull out the pads.
    They just come out when pulled gently by hand towards the rear of the bike.
    Rear Brake Pads
    Rearbrakepad jjuan remove left.jpg
    Rearbrakepad jjuan remove right.jpg
  4. If there's any debris like paint on the pad material, you may want to sand them flat/clean gently over some 200 grit sandpaper on a flat surface.
  5. Put in new pads.
    Jjuan rear 2014 old vs new.jpg
  6. Screw-in the bolt.
    Jjuan rear 2014 new installed.jpg
    It maybe good to use some anti-seize paste if not present from the factory.
    Torque value unknown, but be quite gentle - probably something like 10lb/ft (hand-tighten firmly with a regular screwdriver kind of torque).
  7. Reinstall safety clip.
  8. Test your ride carefully!