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These are various known recalls by Zero.

Full listing indexed by Edward's Motorcycle Law Firm (not updated after 2014) US NHTSA Recall website

Known Recalls
Years Discovery Year # Bikes Affected Reference Description
2009-2010 2011 160 NHTSA #11V282000 Misaligned brake pads/Caliper bracket
2009 200 Main system board voluntary recall
2011-2012 2012 450 NHTSA #12V307000 Faulty Brake light switch
254 NHTSA #12V310000 BMS Weatherproofing issue
315 NHTSA #12V455000 Misaligned Motor Encoder sensor
2013 667 NHTSA #13V635000 Motor Controller glitch
268 NHTSA #13V329000 Faulty Caliper mounting bolts
2018 218 NHTSA #18V215000 Internal Cells in Battery may Short Causing Fire
2012 SDS Battery Pack Recall on Zero's website
Cell pouches (EIG) in the electric motorcycle battery packs may wear from contact with the holders,
allowing humidity to enter the pouch and cause an electrical short within the battery.
2013 2013 667 NHTSA #13V635000 Controller firmware update to prevent cutouts 13V635000
128 NHTSA #13V257000 Battery weatherproofing issue
2016 Battery longevity replacing certain 2013 batteries
Lifespan would not live up to warrantee based on manufacturing defects.
2014 2014 94 NHTSA #14V119000 Motor Stator failure could cause rear wheel lockup
2015 2016 96 of SR,S,DS,FX NHTSA #16V610000 DC-DC converter recall SV-ZMC-016-356
2017 2017 61 of DS,S,FXS NHTSA #17V145000 Incorrect ABS profiles applied
10 of S,DSP,SR NHTSA #17V436000 Turn signal flasher issue SV-ZMC-017-369 No warning of turn signal lamp failure