SDS Platform/Monolith Removal

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Removing the Monolith from an SDS Platform model:

This is very involved, only suitable for a dealer or experienced electrical engineer equipped with a hoist, because the frame must be lifted vertically off of the battery, and the battery must be electrically detached from the systems safely.
There is also almost no realistic reason to do this for a battery under warrantee.
  • These are a rough sketch of the process.
  1. Remove the belly pan and onboard charger.
  2. Disconnect all cables leading to the battery.
  3. Disconnect the grounding strap to the Y-shaped underseat frame piece.
  4. Place the motorcycle on a center lift that can balance the battery on its own.
  5. Harness the frame into a hoist and put some of the load onto that hoist.
    The hoist should be rated to lift the bike's weight entirely.
  6. (Possibly) remove the front wheel and/or forks.
  7. (Possibly) remove the rear wheel and/or swingarm.
  8. Use an allen key wrench to remove the 2 bolts on each side of the lower battery mount (4 total).
  9. Lift the frame.