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Generic recommendations for protecting electrical connections from the weather.

Recommendations via "togo"
  1. Clean with electrical cleaner, dry, and reconnect.
  2. Add a layer of good electrical tape, like Scotch 33+.
  3. Add a layer of rubber compound
    • Some of the guys like the rubber tape they use to splice AC motor leads with.
    • others like to use Coax-Seal, or Dux-Seal
    • both are putty-like compounds that don't harden.
  4. Finish it off with another wrap of good weatherproof electrical tape, like Scotch 33+.
Liquid Tape, Plasti-Dip, Krylon spray, or the 3M stuff that comes in a can with a brush.
Whatever you use, start with a layer of good quality electrical tape. It makes it much easier to undo the goop when you have to go back and repair the connection, or move the unit.

12V Wiring

New Circuit
How To Install Switched Accessory Power To Your Motorcycle
Inserting Pins

Power Cables

Zero power cable connectors are all Anderson Power Connectors.
SBS75X is used in most Zero power connections, including the accessory charging port.
Best crimping tool for Anderson SBS-75X
Courtesy of Jackson Edwards here and here, there are some crimping photos and recommendations based on an experimental aircraft build using a Zero/Farasis powertrain.
Inserting Pins



Tire Changing
How to Change Your Motorcycle Tires



Where to look for components: