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Topics for consideration...

Website Scope

Shadow says:

  • A shop with affiliated links to useful tools and equipment
  • An Youtube channel effort or branding strategy for subscriber revenue.
    Contributions here and follow-through may keep the site funded.
  • Further on perhaps expand "Zeromanual" to a wider concept of not just Zero Motorcycles, but other makes of technical machines that are missing a manual.

Offline / Mobile Access

Some way to export or cache the wiki offline to use while in a garage or on a trip.

MediaWiki has tools to support this but they require the VisualEditor plugin, which the site administrator has had trouble installing.


Shadow says:

  • Full server-side backups of the wiki, distributed to at least a few technically capable minders.
  • Pictures and media and re-usability of written guides via hyperlinking are critically important to be preserved and you just don't get a complete view of that from spider-ing the site for client side archival.

Shadow says:

  • Refresh the website logo image.
    suggest something like a bookshelf of hard copy manuals with one space missing and a computer mouse pointer hovering over the empty space.


Shadow says:

  • Our own policy for recognizing the photographers and sources of information
  • Style guidelines for how to reference things like fasteners and common procedures to be referenced elsewhere on the site.
  • When is it appropriate to link off-site (say, to EMF) and when should outside information instead be absorbed into the wiki.

Not charging 2016 Zero FXS


  Did a creek crossing - water below pegs, splash over boots. rode for another 50+miles - no problems. Batteries at 17%. Plugged in that night charged to 50%. Unplugged for the night. Next day would not charge. 
  Sometimes it will start charging on it's own, but usually have to turn on switch, charges for a minute or so then flashes red. 
  Normal error codes
 15 - Charger attached but not charging
 45 - Kickstand switch disable
 47 - MBB charger connected disable
  But also misc codes occasionally, but not lately 
 6 - BMS Throttle enable wire error
 44 - Kill switch disable
 55 - Internal fault error
 The kickstand switch showed error even with the kickstand in the up position, until I sprayed with WD-40 and worked it a few times, then seemed to work usually. Have ordered a new one. 
 Pulled the batteries individually, used the bypass plug, no change. 
 Cleaned all the connectors with contact cleaner, no change.
 tested all fuses OK - no change
How do you test the charger ( Green Watt Power 116V, 720W) ?  
 Any guesses? Thank you for you time and efforts - Take care and stay healthy