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The Zero throttle is a very straightforward twist-grip motorcycle control that operates a sensor instead of pulling on a mechanical cable or operating hydraulics.

Zero switched the throttle supplier from a Magura with a linear potentiometer to a Bitron with a Hall-effect sensor in 2015 which changed how the wiring works.

The Zero throttle connects directly to the controller, so anything you do related to the throttle signal can compromise the operation of the bike if there's an electrical fault or discrepancy.
Example: Sudden braking followed by no motor/throttle response on highway[2016 FXS]
See Drive Modes to customize throttle input interpretation as an owner.
Use the mode control for "Custom" mode on 2014+ or "Eco" on earlier models to set the maximum torque the throttle applies.
This also directly changes how quickly torque ramps up for a given throttle twist/position.
Advanced Customization
The Sevcon motor controller settings are where most of the throttle interpretation happens.
The return spring cannot be tensioned while disassembled throttle is on the handlebar. Throttle must be removed to place the spring end correctly. see video from Harlan Flagg:
One report of a "snatchy" throttle turned out to have this explanation:
There is a black adjusting screw which holds the pinion gear of the throttle in place or for adjustment.
The pinion gear had moved to the right and caused the spring clip for throttle return to pop out of the slot.
This was clicking through the gears and causing a notchy throttle feel.
Resolution: Reset the pinion location and tighten the screw.

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