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This is a reference for the tools needed to work on Zeros.

2013-2014 S/SR/DS

All "wrench" entries could be open-end, box, or even a socket.

Item Tool
Hex key 3mm Body panels - side covers, tank plastics, front fender
Hex key 4mm Headlight, footguards
Hex key 5mm Front axle pinch, rotors, mirror perch
Hex key 6mm Seat, front axle, subframe, motor mounts, other structural
Hex key 7mm Side stand
Hex key 10mm Swingarm
Wrench 8mm Brake perch clamps, bleeders
Wrench 10mm Brake lever pivot bolt
Wrench 13mm Brake calipers, belt adjusters
Wrench 14mm Mirrors, banjo bolts
Wrench 15mm Rear brake pedal pivot
Torx T25 Front brake pad retainer pin
Wrench 27mm Rear axle nut
Wrench 42mm Top triple clamp crown bolt
Castle nut (size ???) Top steering head bearing
Spoke wrench (DS ONLY) Wheel spokes