Turn Signal Flasher

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The turn signal ("blinker") flasher is a simple three prong flasher relay.

It's attached directly by a plug so is easily replaced if it fails (or for an LED compatible unit).
Flasher Unit 12V
PN: 8078
Made by Ecie Cheng Du
Low Noise Revision
As of 2016, the part is revised with the description "low noise".
This suggests reduced electronic and/or audible noise.
This model of flasher relay is noticeably quieter, and that year coincides with reports from Zero management of EU EMF noise compliance expenditures.
The orientation is specific:
  • Look at the pins with the middle L (load) pin on top.
  • 2018+: The orientation should be E- (left), L (center), then B+ (right)
    Most off the shelf relays are oriented with E-, L, then B+, and should connect without modifications.
  • 2013-2017: The left pin should be B1+ (battery positive) and the right should be E1- (battery negative, AKA "emitter").
    The common CF13 relay orientation is appropriate for MY 2018+
    The C14 relay orientation is appropriate for models through 2013-2017 per pacificcricket
    Reversing the wiring can be necessary to adapt a generic relay.
Flasher Location
Years Platform Location Photo
2012 S/X Under the seat below the fuse block. 2012S-obdii-port-and-fuse-block.jpg
2013+ X Behind the right fairing 2013-fx-flasher-relay.jpg
S In front of the front plastics area under the frame "wishbone" with other electrical connections. Tank-relay-connectors.jpg