Turn Signals

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Zero uses a triangle-shaped turn signal housing on a flexible stalk.

The turn signals are oriented so the front and rear are interchangeable if you swap sides going from front to rear and vice versa.

Left-hand front (right-hand rear) turn signal
Right-hand front (left-hand rear) turn signal
Turn signal drawing
Always check for functioning turn signals (running light, headlamp, turn signals, brakes).
Threaded insert into the headlamp and tail bracketing (not identified, could be M8) with a notch to hold their position.
Barrel-style single wire Molex connectors (2 per signal):
Turn Signal Bulbs
2013+ (Gen2, Gen3?)
Type PY10W, similar to 1156, but the side pins are offset by 150 degrees rather than 180.
Also called BAU15S or R10W.
The glass is amber (as the lenses are clear) and smaller, since the regular 1156 glass is too big.
AF1 Racing references #AP8127489 as "amber turn signal bulb, staggered pins"
2009-2012 (Gen1)
Clear 1156 incandescent bulbs, very standard.