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This page catalogues various custom Zeros, whether one-offs or advertised as a service.

Hollywood Electrics

The Hollywood Electrics Customs page showcases their main customization looks, with contact form for inquiries.

  • Cafe Primo Zero FXS Café Primo cafe racer (sold)
  • Big Blue
    • Harlan's personal custom 2013 Zero S(R). Dark blue paintjob with pinstriping and custom seat.
  • Zero Cafe
    • Shortie tail, custom seat, custom round headlamp, bright white color.
  • Zero Carbon
    • Showcases a set of available carbon-fiber weave replacements for the OEM plastics.
  • Zero Britten
    • Zero SR racing bike with custom fairings homage to the historic Britten V1000.
    • Bright colors, and integrated plastics sculpted across the top of the bike.

Revival Cycles

Zero DS Revival Zero

White Collar Bike

Based in Indonesia, so export/import may be an issue.

Colt Wrangler


Icon (gear company) customized a pair of Zero motorcycles for a one-off Vlogger Challenge


E-Racer Motorcycle (Bologna, Italia) presents two new Specials based on Zero Motorcycles