Zero Rebate VISA Gift Card

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Zero promotional VISA Gift card is sent out about a month after mailing (or filing electronically) the registration card for a new bike.

Incentive Card Lab

You do NOT need to register on the website. Call instead the customer service number on the back of the card to activate.
Support line is answered by script-reading drone workers with Indian accents. You will want to ignore the first person you talk to and ask to be transferred (about 5-20 minutes on hold).
Second-level support agent can help with changing your address info associated with the card for making online purchases including setting your billing address to be a PO Box mailing address.
In USA there are anti money-laundering laws that make it a crime to exchange a VISA Gift Card for cash value. For a while there were some loopholes (deposit to account with credit union, purchase money order at Walmart, pay balance of credit card using VISA Gift Card i.e.) but these are mostly gone. Your only option is to spend the value of the card.