Front Brake Pad Replacement

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Incomplete notes from replacement of brake pads using a 2014 SR (Nissin 313mm).

  • 13mm hex socket
  • Torque wrench
  • 4mm Allen key
  • Size 1 flat head screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Brake cleaner
  • Copper grease
Nissin front brake 2014SR loosen bolts
Nissin front caliper bolts 13mm hex 2014SR
  1. Clean the slave cylinder to prevent forcing damaging detritus into the seal.
  2. Gently force the brake pads away from the disk, to ensure room for the new pads, which will be thicker than the worn pads.
    Apply pressure evenly by hand or with a soft-surfaced tool.
  3. Pre-2015: Using the Size 1 flat blade screwdriver, remove the cap to expose the head of the pin.
    • Penetrating oil may be necessary, and it's important to use the right size flat blade, as smaller ones can strip the slot as you apply pressure.
    • Rely on the caliper bolts' anchoring to the disc to ensure leverage.
  4. Remove the pin using a 4mm Allen key.
    • Rely on the caliper bolts' anchoring to the disc to ensure leverage.
  5. Remove the 13mm hex bolts holding the caliper to the fork bracket.
  6. Remove the caliper from the brake disc; inspect and clean.
    It may be possible to change the brake pads without removing the calipers from the disk, but removal is more thorough to check for wear and keep it clean.
  7. Remove the plate with the brake pads, inspect and clean, and put in fresh pads.
  8. Apply copper grease to the slave cylinders and sand the front surface of the pads.
  9. Re-install the pin through the brake pads to anchor them in place.
    Apply a drop of blue Loctite to prevent it coming loose.
  10. With the pads separated sufficiently, slide the caliper over the front disc.
  11. Align the caliper mounting holes with the fork bracket and thread the 13mm hex bolts to hold in place.
  12. Apply some blue Loctite to each caliper mounting bolt and tighten with the 13mm hex socket to the right torque (2014+: 19ft-lb, 2013: 12ft-lb).
  13. Pre-2015: Using the Size 1 flat blade screwdriver and a drop of blue Loctite, re-install and tighten the cap over the head of the pin.
  14. Rotate the front wheel to check that the caliper doesn't impede the wheel.
  15. Squeeze the front brake lever a few times to build up pressure in the hydraulics and press the pads up to the disc.
  16. Perform an initially very slow test ride (walking speed up to 25mph), checking brake function and ensuring they are seated and performing adequately.