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Zero offers some chain kit options that include front and rear sprockets and a 520 DID X-ring chain.

Chain vs belt comparison
  • Motorcycle chain drives are common, so generic maintenance can be quite effective:
  • There's some vague agreement that for chain slack, 0.8-1.2in of deflection is appropriate.
    Chains tend to loosen as they wear, so a little tighter at the start is somewhat helpful.
    Zero's swingarm pivot is concentric/aligned with the motor shaft and countersprocket, so there's no need to check for tension changes as the swingarm squats.
  • Zero's kit chain does not have O-rings, and many prefer a chain with O-rings for longer lifespan and quieter and smoother operation, so changing the chain is recommendable.


This replaces the Drive Belt with a chain.
This installs a chain guide on the underside of the swingarm.
This replaces the pulley sprockets with toothed sprockets.
Video Guide
  • Center lift.
  • 27mm socket for the rear axle nut.
  • 3mm Allen key.
  • 10mm Allen key socket
    Ensure at least 1" depth and a ⅜" drive sufficient to handle swingarm pivot bolt torques.
  • 15mm socket wrench (S models).
  • 13mm socket wrench (X models).
  • Torque wrench capable of setting 75ft-lbs and driving the 27mm socket and 10mm Allen key.
  • 2012-2013:
    • 2.5mm Allen key.
    • 24mm socket wrench.
  • (2013-2017?) 6mm Allen key and wrench to remove the rear sprocket pulley from the rear wheel.
  • (2018?) T45 Torx bit and wrench to remove the rear sprocket pulley from the rear wheel.
  1. Remove the rear wheel.
  2. Remove the swingarm.
  • For any chain fitment, wait until running the chain over the sprockets (and probably through the guide) before unlinking the chain and fitting a master link for its final length.
    Any mistakes in length estimation require more chain tool use which is just adding risk.
  • Disclaimer Disclaimer: TBD, but the OEM should supply instructions