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DigiNow's plug-in product for bridging the OBD-II console interface to the MBB over Bluetooth.

Product Page
DigiNow Reaper Dongle
Product page at Hollywood Electrics.
documentation including terminal software that works with the reaper
This dongle attaches to the OBD-II port (above the motor for pre-2015 model years, and under the seat for 2016) and offers a bluetooth serial port profile interface that connects to the Main Bike Board.
NOTE: Connect it directly to the port and not via an extension cable, since it derives power from the very delicate 3.3V MBB circuit to drive its antenna, which any cable seems to attenuate too much.
2017+ models do NOT support a Bluetooth dongle because the minor power supply on pin 12 was unwired for that year onwards.
A USB connection should work.
It currently uses Bluetooth's Serial Port Profile instead of Bluetooth Low Energy (which can handle serial in a custom service) but does mean that iOS can't interact with the current shipping version.
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