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Charging kit made by EVTricity (discontinued)

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Fast Charging Kit
Discontinued. EVTricity writes...
"On a personal note I have been splitting my time between the EVtricity Zero chargers and a new electricity comparison and energy saving service for Australian households at https://wattever.com.au.
I'll be devoting the majority of my working time to [wattever.com.au] over the next few months while continuing to provide support to EVtricity charger owners in 2017 and 2018.
I'm also hoping to ride my SR a little more and enjoy spring and summer in Australia.
"In terms of future charging solutions, we have some new Zero fast charging options - in addition to what we have provided in 2017 - that we will be evaluating over coming months.
In 2018, we'll assess whether there is an opportunity to again provide fast charging options for Zero motorcycles."

EVTricity assembled two options for fast charging out of stationary computer power supplies - a 3.3-4.4kW AC charger and 6.6-8.8kW AC charger.

These charging kits were fully assembled in Australia.
The units were programmed to charge Zero motorcycle models from 2013-2017.
This kit filled the niche for a mostly-stationary charger programmed for a Zero, trading off durability for cost.
These are not waterproof or dust-protected and are not warranty-protected if mounted to the motorcycle.
Neither the OEM nor the vendor has submitted these for independent protection testing, so they are not rated for protection from the elements with an IP code.
Treat these as stationary power supplies which may be transported at some risk.
If transporting this charging kit, keep these stored within a waterproof case and cushioned to protect from vibration.
Emerson R48-2000e3 rectifiers (datasheet)
Custom PCBs & wiring
Anodised aluminium case.

The units are configured for Zero motorcycles maximum voltage (116V) and the AC input current limit can be specified at ordering to suit the power sources used by the Zero owner e.g. 15A/16A or 20A.

EVTricity also offers a matching Mennekes or J1772 adaptor to allow two 3.3kW chargers and an onboard to be plugged in simultaneously or one 6.6kW charger and an onboard charger.
The 6.6kW unit is effectively two single chargers placed in one case with independent AC input and DC outputs providing modularity in case only lower current (15A) power supplies are available.
The unit is not weatherproof so needs to be carried on the bike in weatherproof luggage and kept away from rain/dust when charging or in storage.
The charging kits do include DC output cables to plug into the Zero fast charge port but do not include the AC input power cables required for each location e.g. NEMA to C19 cables, Schuko to IEC C19 cables etc.
The units have IEC C20 sockets - an international standard socket - and power cables with a matching IEC C19 plug are readily available in most countries.
Configuration Power Dimensions Weight
Double Fast Charging Kit 3.3kW (up to 4.4kW customized) 29cm x 18cm x 5cm (excl. cable glands and cables) 3kg
Single Fast Charging Kit 6.6kW (up to 8.8kW customized) 29cm x 18cm x 10cm (excl. cable glands and cables) 6kg

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Default input limits vary by Level 2 AC standards per region (EU = 16A, US = 15A, AU = 15A) and custom AC input levels up to 20A per input (two inputs on the 6.6+kW charger) are available on order.
J1772 to C19/C13 adapter
Mennekes to C19 adaptor