Z-Force Motor/75-10

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The FST Platform/Gen3 uses the 75-10 variant, which has a new construction in addition to being wider.

  • Cooling ridges run along the circumference of the cylinder rather than axially parallel to the shaft.
    These ridges align with directional airflow from under the frame where the motor controller enclosure guides it.
  • The construction therefore is no longer an extrusion as in previous casings.
    Possibly there are lathe-like methods involved in machining.
  • The finish in the first model with the motor is bronze, probably indicating something about an alloy change.
  • -10 suffix indicates 10cm length.
  • The motor encoder position sensor is now housed in a servicing-accessible enclosure, opposite the shaft, on the right side.
  • The motor mounts are now more structural, joining the swingarm to the rear of the main frame.
    TODO review for a better structural description.
  • There was a comment about lamination improvements inside the motor for better heat transfer which will probably get a cutaway illustration soon.
  • The team were also proud of designing the new motor; it seems to be fabricated in a relatively distinct way, perhaps even unique.
    They regretted that their existing extrusion method went by the wayside, because they relished being able to "just lengthen the motor" to get different performance levels out of it, and the new motor design does not afford that in the manufacturing implementation.