Gen2/Armored Front Brake Line Rerouting

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  • The DS and FX have an armored front brake line with ABS wire clipped onto it that runs in front of the handlebars.
  • It usually obscures the ignition but sometimes the lower part of the dash display.
  • 2017 models' design resolves this.
It's okay to re-route the cable or use some strap (zip tie or hook-and-loop) to pull it towards the handlebar to clear up the cockpit.
  1. Remove the 4 dashboard bolts.
  2. Remove the 2 headlight bolts.
  3. Push dashboard through loop in brake line.
  4. Unplug the 2 headlight wires.
    The main connector is tight; it's easier remove the bulb, but don't touch it.
  5. Put the brake line on other side of headlight wires.
  6. Replace the headlight wires.
  7. Wire-tie the ABS wire plug to the larger plug behind the dashboard, so it doesn't dangle.
  8. Replace the dashboard with 4 bolts.
  9. Observe the arc of the brake line.
    Is it forming too tight an arc? Move it if so.
  10. Turn the handlebar to its extremes, and observe the brake line.
    Is it being pinched, or rubbing against anything sharp? Use zip-ties to hold it away, if so.
  11. Compress the front forks (lean on bike), while moving handlebar to extremes, and observe brake line.
    Is it rubbing against anything sharp?
  12. Repeat until you're satisfied there is no way the brake line is endangered.
  13. Bolt on the headlight.
  14. Perform a final check (turning the handlebars and compressing the forks) for abrasion.
  15. Test drive: go up/down curbs, or otherwise compress / test range of motion.