Gen2/Charging Inlet

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The onboard charger is connected to an IEC C14 inlet hard-mounted to the lower left side of the frame above the footpeg.

The C14 inlet is fastened to the inside of the frame by 2 tiny M2×7.5 socket head bolts taking a 2.5mm Allen/hex key.
The bolts are positioned above and below the body of the inlet; the lower can be accessed from the front, and the upper from the rear.
The space around the fasteners is very tight, facing the motor, and difficult to see or access.
NOTE: Because of the close proximity to the motor, front sprocket, and other electrical connections, take care not to drop or lose these bolts as you remove them.
Rubber Plug
A rubber plug is included to protect the inlet from the elements (which then protects the onboard charger from sparking currents that can degrade it over time).
Keep the rubber plug on when the inlet is not connected to a cord.
MY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector dustcap.jpg
Plug Replacement
  1. Remove the left pillion footpeg bracket
    MY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector fasteners.jpgMY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector pillionbracketwrench.jpg
  2. Remove the fasteners holding the electrical receptacle
    MY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector pillionbracketremoved.jpgMY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector connectorremoval.jpg
  3. You now have access to remove/replace the rubber protective plug
    MY2016DSR onboardchargerconnector dustcapremoval.jpg