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This describes how to fabricate a Y-Cable for joining chargers into the Accessory Charging Port.

One can combine up to four Zero Quick Chargers to the 2014+ S platform models (up to 2 chargers prior to 2014).
To connect more than one charger, at least one Y-Cable is required.
This cable is available from Zero for $250, but can also be fabricated if you have the tools.
# Part Mouser PN Notes
3 Anderson Power Products SBS75X connectors, Brown 879-SBS75XBRN-BK Color matters, since it also reflects the voltage and is keyed.
4 Anderson Power Products SBS50 #10 AWG connectors 879-1339G3-BK
6 Anderson Power Products SBS50 #6 AWG connectors 879-1339G2-BK
4 Anderson Power Products SBS75X aux socket connector 879-PM16S1416S32
2 Anderson Power Products SBS75X aux pin connector, standard sequence 879-PM16P1416S30
  1. Choose one connector to be the common, to connect to the bike.
    The other two will connect to the Quick Chargers.
  2. Using an appropriate crimp tool, use the #6 AWG connectors to crimp two red #10 wires.
    Repeat with two black wires.
  3. Click the #6 connectors into the common SBS75X connector, observing the polarity marked on the connector.
  4. Crimp the #10 AWG connectors onto the other ends of the red and black wires.
    Click them into the other SBS75X connectors, again observing polarity.
  5. Use a #16 - #14 wire for the charge enable pins.
    Connect one end to a pin-connector, and insert into the recessed hole in the common connector.
  6. Connect the other end to two socket connectors, and insert into both not-recessed holes in a downstream connector.
    Stripping back the wire and using heat-shrink tubing may make for a better fit.
  7. Repeat using the other charge enable pin for the other connector.
The seemingly-odd charger enable connections are due to the MBB only being able to drive two Delta-Q chargers per output, and allow a single Y-Cable design to be used as either the first or second in a fan-out.
I made my cable the naive way with a single charger-enable pin to both connectors before I was told this.
If someone has an official cable and can verify the wiring, that would be appreciated.

This drawing is made from an official cable.

OEM Y Adapter Cable schematic
Charging Two Packs From One Charger
A simple modification to the Y cable will allow two packs to be connected to one charger.
This allows simultaneous charging of two packs off the bike.
While two chargers could do this twice as fast, the AC power circuit for two chargers must be rated greater than 15 amps at 120V, often not available.
I believe this modified Y connection is equivalent to the connection used when charging two packs on the bike.
So the BMS in each pack controls its charging independently once both are enabled.
I have tested it and it works. However, this configuration may be imperfect, use at your own risk.
Y-cable modification
Connecting to a Pack Adapter vs Second Charger
Here is a photo of the modified connector wiring with a pin added to allow connection to a pack adaptor instead of a second charger.
The added Anderson pin PM16P1620S30 requires a special insertion tool. However it can be soldered to a heavy wire and supported in place with a tie wrap to the other wires as shown here.
Y-cable modification wiring