Koso RX-1N

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The Koso RX-1N is a generic/whitelabel instrument gauge cluster.

For years 2011-2013, Zero's models have a rebadged version as stock.
Koso RX-1N (retail)
Zero's Koso RX-1N cluster (front)
Zero's Koso RX-1N cluster (rear)
Zero's RX-1N shows battery level in 11 increments.
It's relatively effective to treat each increment as representing 9% of charge state, and do a little mental math to figure out that each increment could represent 6-12 miles (for say 2013), and work out the remaining range / speed tradeoff from that.
  • go slower to get closer to 12 miles of range per increment
  • go faster if you can afford to burn off the battery to reach your destination in time.
The Koso instructions linked below show how to operate it.
Speedometer Adjustment Quick How-To
  1. Turn on motorcycle.
  2. Press and hold the Select + Adjust buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  3. Use the "adjust" button to increment the digit, and the "select" button to navigate to the next digit.
  • The stock setting (for 2013) is 1972 28-132 2P.
  • The previous setting (for 2012?) was 1972 25-128 2P.
Koso connectors are much simpler than Zero's connectors to its own custom dash.
Interchanging them would be a significant project.
2013 S/DS Koso Display connections