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The board has a 34-pin and 40-pin connector exposed through the top of the enclosure, making them relatively accessible and a way to identify the component.

Both are made by JAE Electronics.
2016 Zero MBB Top
Connector Harness-side MBB-side Notes
34-pin connector "MBB 1" JAE Electronics MX23A34SF1 JAE Electronics MX34A34NF1.
Harness-side pinout; MBB side mirrored
2013 MBB 1 connector Wiring Diagram image
40-pin connector "MBB 2" JAE Electronics MX23A40SF1 JAE Electronics MX34A40NF1
2013 MBB 2 connector Wiring Diagram image
Component Function Wire MBB Pin Role
Kickstand Switch Safety Interlock Red (2013) 20AWG 27 Colors are different for 2016 models:
Orange (2013) (black) 20AWG 12 Blue (5v power), Pinkish Red (measure signal TODO), Black.
Do not short these directly. That is not how you bypass.
Yellow (2013) (black) 20AWG 11 Kickstand Switch
Kill Switch Safety Interlock Red 20AWG 23
White 20AWG 24
Component Function Wire MBB Pin Function Notes
DC-DC Converter Enable Signal Orange (Red) 18AWG
21 (2013)
20 (2015)