Gen2/Monolith Parts

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Gen2/Monolith Parts
Years Models Subsystem Part No Type Description Notes Diagram Quantity Link
2017 SDS+FXS Systems 40-08071 MBB ASSY MBB GENERIC POTTED 17MY IMPL Electronics ZF13.0 Power Pack 1 [1]
2018-2019 Gen2 40-08119 Dash DASH LCD CHECK ENGINE LIGHT NOTE: Supersedes 40-08030 Electronics ZF14.4 Power Pack [2]
2017-2019 40-08145 MBB ASSY MBB POTTED GEN2 STEP E NOTE: Please provide VIN, Case or Claim Number when ordering to ensure proper programming.
NOTE: Supersedes 40-08071.
Electronics ZF13.0 Power Pack [3]
2019 40-08156 Dash DASH LCD Electronics ZF14.4 Power Pack [4]