Gen2/Motor Controller/Removal

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This describes removing the Sevcon controller.

Warning Warning: This is a placeholder page
13mm hex wrench
Torque wrench
  1. Perform a lockout on the powertrain.
  2. Verify the controller is fully de-energized.
  3. Disconnect the AMPSeal 34-pin connector at the front/head of the controller to disable its operation.
  4. Remove the power terminal bolts with the 13mm hex wrench.
    Warning Warning: Perform this operation as gently as possible, since the bolts conduct full powertrain current and are torqued low-spec at 12ft-lbs.
    Immediately cover the cable leads in a strong insulative sleeve to ensure that nothing conductive contacts them.
    Consider arc-over risks beyond simple contact if the system were energized for any reason.
    Warning Warning: Safe cover specifications for these leads is not yet determined. Arc flash can be lethal or destructive to equipment.
  5. Unbolt the controller from the frame's tail horns.
    Disclaimer Disclaimer: TBD
  6. Unbolt the controller heatsink from the controller.
    Disclaimer Disclaimer: TBD