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Zero's models all steer with a handlebar.

S/SR and FXS models share a shorter, sportier handlebar shape.
DS/DSR and FX models share a wider, straighter handlebar shape.
Both S/FXS and DS/FX style handlebars are standard through-bars.
  • 1 1/8" (28mm) ⌀ center bar.
  • 7/8" (22mm) ⌀ outer bar.
Models Years Width Rise Pullback
S,SR,FXS 2013-present
DS,DSR,FX 2013-present
SRF,SRS 2020-present
Control-Indexing Holes
  • (1) 3/16" ⌀ on the left for the switchgear, 6.5" from the end of the bar.
  • (1) 3/16" ⌀ on the right inner for the throttle, 7 3/16" from the bar end.
  • (1) 5/32" ⌀ on the right outer for the switches, 6" from the bar end.

Handlebar Clamps

The SDS and XMX platform handlebar clamps are 2" by 1 1/8" (28mm) for the entire line of models, clamped with M10 cap screw bolts (35mm length; possibly 50mm?).

Handlebar Switch Assemblies

The switch assemblies are fastened with TT20 (1/4") tamper-resistant Torx bolts through the underside.


Handgrips have a Zero logo on them but otherwise are reasonably good stock grips for the 7/8" (22mm) handlebar width at the end of the bars.

Bar Ends

For 2014+ models, any bar end accessories that match the 14mm inner diameter will fit.

2014+ stock bar end plugs
The stock bar ends are round plastic bumpers held in by plastic threads, so can be removed with a little twisting and pulling.
2013 models
Bar ends are covered by the grip so are not easily changed without changing the grips.
Zero did offer heated grips for these models but dropped them after changing the bars in 2014.