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Re-installing the rear wheel requires somewhat careful fitment of the wheel, spacers, ABS sensor (2015+), and brake calipers within the swingarm.

Pay attention while removing the wheel to have this arrangement in mind to avoid confusion.
Any play in the caliper position or the wheel itself could have a dramatic and damaging effect on the motorcycle while riding.
  • 27mm socket
  • Torque wrench set to 75ft-lbs (102Nm)
  • (Optional) rubber mallet to nudge the axle
  1. Ensure that the axle has grease applied if it is dry, to minimize friction and wear against it under load.
  2. Push the axle through the alignment bracket and left swingarm until flush on the inside of the left swingarm.
  3. Place the rear brake caliper holder onto the right swingarm.
  4. For 2015+ models, place the ABS rear wheel speed sensor on the inside of the rear brake caliper holder.
    Route the wire feeding the speed sensor around the caliper holder bracket and ensure that the sensor and wire will install without tension or excessive bending.
  5. Roll the wheel into position inside of the axle.
    Ensure the speed sensor on the right side mates with and covers the rear wheel bearing before it aligns with the rear brake caliper holder on the right side, as this "sandwiches" together.
    Ensure that the brake calipers are pushed to maximum expansion, then place them around the rear wheel brake disc on the right side.
  6. Push the axle through the wheel by hand or use a rubber mallet to gently nudge the axle through the wheel.
    You may need to give the wheel a wedge underneath to rest on to minimize any stress on the axle while aligning it fully.
  7. Align the right side of the wheel with the swingarm axle hole and brake caliper holder on the right side.
  8. Again, manually push or nudge with a rubber mallet the axle through the speed sensor, rear brake caliper holder, and right swingarm.
  9. Run the belt over the rear sprocket.
    Center the belt over the sprocket so it has about 1mm on either side.
  10. Ensure that all components are aligned correctly before attempting to tighten the axle or even before mating the left axle end with the swingarm (which tightens the belt).
  11. Place the axle nut onto the right side of the axle by hand.
  12. Note the alignment of the left and of the axle's rectangular tabs; hold it in a horizontally aligned position so that tightening the axle nut places it inline with the swingarm slot.
  13. Tighten the axle nut (27mm) with the torque wrench to 75ft-lbs.
    Ensure the alignment of the axle head on the left side is horizontal and pulls the belt under tension smoothly.
    Check belt tension per the belt adjustment procedure.