Rider Footpeg Removal

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This removes the rider footpegs from 2012+ S and X-Platform models.

footpeg retaining clip and tool
  • Snap Ring / E-Ring pliers (needlenose pliers are a common if less easy substitute).
  • (Optional) 7mm Allen key to remove the clevis bracket from the frame.
  1. Gently spread the gap in the retaining E-ring using the pliers until it slides over the end of the pin, and remove it.
    This clip is on the lower end of the footpeg retaining pin.
  2. Pull the retaining pin up and out.
    Hold and pull the pin spring and footpeg as the pin comes out.
  3. (Optional) Use the 7mm Allen key to remove the bolt through the clevis bracket that fastens it to the frame.
How to Remove Zero Footpegs + Relocation Ideas by NewZeroLand on Youtube