Rider Footpegs

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These Footpegs are only installed for the rider, versus Passenger Footpegs.

Sport Footpegs
Installed on S/SR/FXS models.
Constructed as a cylindrical smooth-surfaced cast aluminum piece with a corrugated upper surface for some grip.
They are spring-loaded.
There is a hole at the end of the rider footpegs, with/for feeler stud measuring M6X16 with a DIN 1587 M6 18-8 cap/acorn nut.
Sport Footpegs underside
Dual Sport Footpegs
Installed on DS/DSR/FX models.
Constructed as a mildly-cleated rough-finish cast aluminum piece with a wide flat surface mounted horizontally.
They are spring-loaded.
Because of their construction, these actually offer less legroom than the sport footpegs.
S and DS footpegs compared
Rider footpegs mounting bracket