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This describes routing for the 12V electrical system on SDS Platform models.

For power cable routing, see the Power Cable Routing article.
Under The Seat
The 12V fuse block is bolted under the Y-shaped frame bracket under the seat.
The underside terminals lead to the positive terminals from the DC-DC converter below on its left side.
(The following picture has one flaw: the fuse label is rotated 180°; layout is reverse of the label)
Fuse block
The terminals on top enter a mesh sleeve, through a ferrite ring to clean up RF interference, and lead forward into a larger sleeve that runs along the left side of the forward tank area.
The 12V accessory port cable is lower gauge than the others and has a crimped connection that splits into two circuits for 2014+ models.
The positive side crimped connection is just two inches from the fuse block under the first sleeve, wrapped in vinyl self-adhesive tape.
Video Guide
Tank Area Left-Side Routing
All cabling leading to the steering controls and instrument cluster runs along the left side of the frame tank area wrapped in a bundle.
The largest connector on the left side leads to the instrument cluster. There is a smaller 4-pin connector there for ABS circuits (probably).
2013 Tank Electrical Layout2015+ Tank Electrical Layout
The negative side connection for all of the forward 12V circuits is halfway along the tank area under a longer stretch of vinyl self-adhesive tape.
The merged output leads back down to the DC converter between the forward seat and the motor.
Tank Area Front Mounting
A group of components are clamped to the underside of the front part of the frame in front of the tank:
Connectors and relay under front frame
  • The turn signal flasher relay.
  • 12V accessory ports: Sumimoto connector and the SAE connector (2014+).
  • The 3-pin headlamp connector.
Tail Routing
Towards the tail, one sleeved bundle runs past the controller on the left side and handles:
  • Turn signals
  • Brake and running lights.
  • License plate illuminator.
The turn signal wires run through a pair of holes where the tail stalk meets the subassembly underneath the tail.