SDS Platform/Lower Plastics Removal

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This removes the lower side panel plastics from 2012+ S platform models.

  • 3mm Allen key
  • (2012-2013) Ball-point pen or similar for plastic push rivets.
  • (2019+) PH2 phillips head screwdriver for the front panel.
  1. Use the 3mm Allen key to remove the three M5 bolts holding each side panel: one at the top front corner, and one at each corner near the lower edge.
    Top Front Corner bolt (2014+)
    Lower Rear bolt (2014+)
    Lower Front bolt (2014+)
  2. Remove each side panel.
    Removing the bolts
    Side panel removed
  3. (Optional) Remove the 2 bolts on each side holding the front panel on and remove it.
    2012-2013: Use the ball-point pen or similar non-scratching pointed tool to push the center pin to release the plastic rivets on the front panel and remove it.
    2013-2018: Use the 3mm Allen key
    2019+: Use the PH2 Phillips head screwdriver to gently remove the plastic screws from the pop rivet, then pull the pop rivet out from the side slot.
Adapted from this forum post.