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The OEM Fly Screen provides 2013 Zero models with a small but reasonably good-looking hard plastic shroud around the Koso instrument cluster above the headlamp.

Flyscreen over dash
Flyscreen installed
Presumably this has a marginal effect on drag and energy consumption, but it probably helps smooth airflow with or without a windscreen.
2014+ S models have a plastic enclosure for the headlamp that interferes with this.
Flyscreen parts
  • Flyscreen
  • Flyscreen rubber bumper with tape
  • (2) spacers
  • (2) M5⨉25 cap head bolts
  • 3mm Allen key
  • Cutting tool (~scissors)
  1. Remove the upper mounting screws for the headlight.
  2. Place the included bolts through the holes in the side of the flyscreen.
  3. Place the spacers onto the bolts on the inside of the flyscreen.
  4. Carefully place the flyscreen over the headlamp, matching the bolt position to the upper headlight mounting holes.
    The bolts must be withdrawn slightly to surround the headlight mount points.
  5. Engage the flyscreen mounting bolts to hold the flyscreen onto the headlight.
  6. Cut the rubber bumper's two side spacers off.
  7. Place the bumper against the top of the Koso gauge instrument cluster.
  8. Remove the tape along the top and press the flyscreen to it.
  9. Tighten the flyscreen mounting bolts.