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Zero S Seat Pan

The S Platform seat is a proprietary design and fitment.

Seat retaining features
  • A metal bracket with holes for retaining bolts that mount through the frame from the outside.
    The bracket also serves to align the seat horizontally since the outer sides of the bracket must slide directly along the inside track of the frame.
    Zero S Seat BracketZero S Seat Bracket
    The bracket's part number is 20-0508307 and when separately ordered has been observed to have slotted holes to join to the seat for some adjustability.
  • In front and center, a pair of catches engages the frame's Y-shaped centerpiece under a pair of pins.
  • In front on the lowest outside edge, a pair of tabs point downwards that should slide inside the frame rails.
    Without some care, these easily wind up outside the frame, flexing the seat pan and scuffing the frame lightly with plastic debris.
Under The Seat
2016 DSR tail layout
  • The large controller dominates the space underneath the seat, on the lowest part of the tail structure.
    There's no room around the controller for anything but its cabling and a conduit for tail lighting.
  • In front, the 12V fuse block is the main item to access.
    There are cables between the battery and the controller; the MBB and DC-DC converter are beneath these cables.
  • Behind the controller is the tail wiring area which has a little room for a tire patch kit or some tools.
    Of course, storing tools for removing the seat there is counter-productive.
  • Seat
  • Seat Bolts
    M8 with 1.25mm thread, 50mm long with a round end for aligning the seat bracket with the frame.
    With the top rack installed, the diameter of the hole around the head is slightly under 15mm, with a maximum offset of about 12mm.
  • Seat Bracket Bolts to Seat Pan